Welcome to Summer at Brentwood

Summer at Brentwood is a day camp program that provides a safe and nurturing environment where students entering Grades K - 12 can engage in a broad range of classes, sports, and activities within the vibrant and diverse community of Brentwood School.

Encouraging young people to become lifelong learners, I firmly believe learning should be a year-round experience. In fact, summer is the ideal time to explore, experiment, and engage in unique educational opportunities. Finding balance with "straight As"—academics, athletics, arts, and activism—Summer at Brentwood offers a variety of programs to instill positive values, improve communication skills, and inspire future leaders. Students will have fun and build relationships while participating in adventurous activities and mindful interactions. Welcome to Summer at Brentwood!

Kristen Letchworth, 2019 Summer Programs Director

What our families say...

"My daughter enjoyed the Design with Purpose program. She enjoyed the teachers and helping a child in need."

—Liz, 6th Grade parent

“All I can say is ‘WOW!’ If summer is this great, I can only imagine how awesome regular school is.”

—Maggie, Kindergarten parent

"This was a fabulous experience for my son. The Global Health program was more than we expected. The faculty were terrific!"

—Judy, 10th Grade parent

"Summer at Brentwood helped my child feel more confident entering Middle School."

—Kelly, 6th Grade parent

"Overall, the experience was great. Particularly enjoyed some of the thoughtful projects that the kids did and the work that was brought home - particularly the writing projects."


—Lainie, 4th Grade parent

"We loved the fact that hot lunch was provided, and that they didn't have to decide in advance what they wanted their meals to be each day."


—Erin, 5th Grade parent

"These camps are great because kids can experience different sports to see if they want to play them at school without making a season commitment. My son tried tennis and flag football and now wants to play football. Great intro!!"

—Suzanne, 6th Grade parent