Overview & Schedule

The Upper School program offers a range of specialty classes and for-credit semester and yearlong courses. Classes are taught by Brentwood School faculty and other outstanding, professional educators.

Most courses offered are an extension of our rigorous, college-preparatory program. Each summer, Brentwood School offers semester and yearlong courses for credit that fulfill Brentwood School's graduation requirements. Some students choose to take summer classes to allow more freedom in their schedules during the school year. If you are not a Brentwood School student, you are welcome to enroll in our summer courses, but please check with your school's registrar for prior approval of credit transfer.

In addition to for-credit courses, there are non-credit courses available on other topics.

2020 Upper School Course Schedule

Credit Course Attendance Policy

If a student is absent more than two days from a yearlong credit course, regardless of the circumstances, the student will be automatically un-enrolled from the course and a "Withdraw" will be noted on the transcripts. For a semester-long class, students may not be absent more than one day, with the same consequences. See below for information from the Brentwood School Upper School Family Handbook.

"Summer Session: Students have until the end of the second day of the Summer Session to drop a class without penalty. After the end of the second day, Brentwood School records a “Withdraw” on school transcripts when students drop their [yearlong] credit courses. In all cases, if students drop courses, tuition for the Summer Session is non-refundable."