VA Scholarships

Summer at Brentwood welcomes all families! As part of our partnership with VA, we offer 120 full-tuition Summer at Brentwood scholarships for children of Veterans each year. To date, Summer at Brentwood has fulfilled more than 360 weeklong scholarships for children of Veterans.

The application is available in February, and the selection process is listed below.

The VA Scholarship Program for Summer at Brentwood is available to all Veterans with discharge in alignment with VA requirements. VA prioritizes scholarship decisions based on the following criteria:

  1. First Time Applicants currently in VA Homeless Programs
  2. Return Applicants currently in VA Homeless Programs
  3. Veterans actively enrolled in and receiving care at GLA Healthcare System, including employees who are Veterans
  4. All other Veterans

Please check back in February to apply! We look forward to welcoming you to Summer at Brentwood.