Class Descriptions

Animated Storytelling

Using games, technology, and little imagination, create animated stories you can narrate and star in which will be posted on our very own private online video channel.

Awesome Architects (3-6)

Have you ever wished you could live in a house made entirely of candy? In this class, you'll combine math skills and creativity to design and construct a building of your very own! Using some unique building materials, you can become the architect of your dreams and put your imagination to work!

Beads & Beats (1-2)

Make jewelry and bead craft projects in this musical class! Explore the world of bead design to the sounds of the music!

Beat Your Best (3-6)

This class will include a combination of track events and sports, students will not just compete against each other but they will compete against themselves striving to break personal records. They will learn how to work hard, push themselves, and be a team player. This is a great class for anyone who enjoys being outside, playing sports and having fun!

Board Game Blast from the Past

Do you like playing Monopoly, Sorry, and Life? In this class, you will recreate your own board game! We’ll look at board games over the years, learn about what makes a board game work, and create your own masterpiece!

Brain Teasers (3-6)

Looking for a fun challenge? Put your math skills to work by solving some tricky brain teasers! Learn how to tackle popular puzzles commonly found in newspapers and magazines, such as Sudoku and Kenken.

Cake Art (1-2)

Learn to make a cake in the shape of a snake or butterfly from a simple circle. Perhaps a clown from a cupcake is more your style? You are sure to have fun decorating and creating your own designs both as a group and individually.

Candy Science (3-6)

Do you love candy? Do you love experiments? Then this is the class for you! We will use candy to help us explore and understand the world of science!

Chocolateers (1-2)

Is that sweet tooth getting to you? Try this class to learn how to make and appreciate different kinds of chocolate! You will leave each class with a new twist to the chocolate world a la Willy Wonka.

Community Service

In this exciting class, we will connect with an organization in our community and help support their needs. It will be a great way to have fun with friends and feel the joy of giving back!

Court Sports (1-2)

Basketball, dodgeball, hockey -- get loose on the court with some friendly competition! There will be a focus on teamwork, skills, and creative approaches to several court games and sports.

Dance Jeopardy (4-6)

A trivia class with a dance twist. Students will learn about the different genres of dance moves with a jeopardy game element.

Dancing Machine (3-6)

Do you like to dance? Here's an opportunity to improve your dance skills. We will create our own dance routine, learn how to freestyle and perform on the final day of camp!

DIsney Dance Party (1-2)

Put yourself in the world of Disney! Campers will learn a dance to a popular Disney theme Song where they will bring to life the drama and movement of a Disney movie. Everyone will perform on our final day of camp!

Engineering Challenges (3-6)

Puzzle over how to make a catapult with popsicle sticks, a bridge of straws, or a boat made of peeps. Explore engineering feats with candy and household objects in this inventive and exciting course!

Express Yourself (3-6)

A time for kids to be themselves and build confidence through the expression of their voice. We will empower each student through "I Am" Declarations providing a space to share their thoughts with boldness. On the final day of camp they will express themselves in their own creative way.

Fast Feet & Fitness

Learn about agility & speed work as well as running games and activities. Students will learn the fundamentals of running and exercise. This is an upbeat fun class--it will keep you moving!

Field Games (3-6)

Freeze tag, spud, moving rock-paper-scissors are games that will never get old! Let’s get a fun group together to play these games and learn new field games that usually require very little supplies. Ready, set, go!

Flashback Artists

Let's flash back into time! Create your own works of art as we channel famous artists. Learn about cool art techniques, designs, and artistic styles.

Fun in the Sun (1-2)

What would summer school be without some fun in the sun? Come play fun games of all kinds outside with your counselors and friends!

Games Around the World

We will be going on an exciting journey around the globe! Join us as we learn about different cultures through games!

Games Galore (1-3)

Do you like playing board games? In this class, we will not only explore the strategy behind some of the most popularly played games, but we will also create our board game as a whole class!

Gardening Galore

We will be learning and practicing the basics of gardening. We will discuss and practice a few techniques that you can turn into a hobby!

Gifts Galore

Love making others smile? In this class, have fun baking treats and making crafts for others. You will certainly brighten their day, and you may even get to make a gift for yourself!

Glee Club (1-2) & (3-6)

Sing, dance, and laugh to your favorite tunes with friends. We will choreograph moves, sing songs, and perform on our final day of camp!

Karate Kidz (1-2)

Come learn with a champion. Kids have fun kicking and punching while we get to reinforce valuable life skills of focus, discipline, respect and confidence through our taekwondo classes and team building games and activities.

Kooky Cooks (1-6)

Dive in, get dirty, have fun, and make fun finger food snacks, meals, and treats for you to be proud to share with your friends and family.

Learning with The Lorax

Written by Dr. Seuss, The Lorax is a fun tale of a boy on an adventure to find a beautiful Truffula tree. Through reading this story and watching clips from the movie, students will learn and discuss the deeper meaning behind The Lorax, and learn more about human impact on the environment.

Lego Creations (1-2)

An introduction to architecture for kids! Using Legos as our building blocks, we will incorporate basic design principles to construct individual and group projects.

Math Gamers

Calling all math whizzes! Explore your favorite math card games, board games, and interactive iPad apps. You can even invent your own games too! A great way to have fun and brush up on your math skills.

Mini-House Architecture

Are you up for the challenge of creating your very own mini-house? Get ready to make your own miniature world! Use clay, wood, art supplies, and more to create your very own mini-house!

My Story (3-6)

Do you know all about something neat? Whether its airplanes, flowers, space, or anything in between, this is the class for you! You'll brainstorm, develop, and write your own all-about book on your favorite topic. We'll bring the pencils, and you bring the facts!

Powerful Pokémon (1-3)

Are you a fan of Pikachu, Charzard, and Squirtle? In this class, you will learn about the Pokémon characters, make your own trading cards, battle, and more! Get your Poké balls ready!

Puzzle Confuzzled (1-2)

Students will develop their problem solving skills through fun riddles, brain teasers, games, and creative activities that will enhance their logic skills.

Silly Olympics

Come participate in some fun and silly games! We will go on scavenger hunts, have potato sack races, obstacle courses, and so much more! Be ready to get active, make friends, and laugh a lot!

Step Til You Drop (1-2)

Ever wanted to learn how to step-dance? We will learn a stepping routine creating sounds and movement through a mixture of footsteps, spoken word and hand claps. Campers will perform the step on the last day of camp!

Sweet Math (1-2)

Explore math facts, games, arts and crafts, and word problems using sweets! We will use a variety of candy and treats to investigate and discover the amazing wonder of numbers in our world!

There’s No “I” In TEAM (3-6)

Team-building activities are fun, constructive ways to help campers get to know each other, build trust, and learn to work together. Between the Human Knot, Pass the Hula-Hoop, Relay Races, and more, campers will have opportunities to serve as leaders, be role models, and demonstrate their incredible sportsmanship!

Vision Boards (1-2)

Time to dream big and color the world you want to live in! We will be creating vision boards to display images that represent whoever you want to be and whatever you want to have in your life. We'll bring the crafts and you bring the dream!

Wild Watercolors (1-2)

We will create different art projects using watercolor techniques and explore the use of loud colors and designs!

Wonderful Writers

Do you like to tell stories, discuss current events, or enjoy journal writing? If you do, join us in Wonderful Writers! Students will have the opportunity to express themselves, discuss issues that are important to them, and get creative through multiple forms of writing.

Yoga (1-2)

Namaste, young yogis! Come learn the ancient art and healing powers of yoga in this energizing, enjoyable class. The yoga postures and flows in this class are designed specifically for kids—a complete Body-Mind-Spirit workout. Students will practice yoga and improve their strength, coordination, flexibility, and overall health.