Overview & Schedule

The weekly Lower School day camp is a blend of summer fun, academic enrichment, artistic expression, and athletic enjoyment for students entering Grades 1 - 5.

Join us for Summer 2019 on our East Campus!

8:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m., Monday through Friday
Tuition: $500 each week, $400 for the week of July 1-5 (no camp July 4)

Lunch is included.

Classes are taught by a combination of dedicated and creative Brentwood School faculty and other outstanding professional educators. Group activities and games are led by trained young adult counselors from the Brentwood School community. For each "track" of the day—A through D—students have two class options, divided by grade level. Please select one option for every track, for a total of four unique classes weekly!

2019 Lower Camp Schedule

June 24-28: Out of This World

Out of This World takes a dive into space, sea, and everything in between! From astronomy and robotics to underwater creatures and modes of transportation, Out of This World will have students learning, creating, moving, and imagining in new and exciting ways.

Track Option 1 Option 2


Reading Rocks!
From CatStronauts for 1st-2nd graders to Chasing Space for 3rd-5th graders, this reading class (divided by grade level) will inspire young readers to dream big, learn the power of grit and grace, and engage in STEAM activities like real astronauts!

Become a star! Sing, dance, and play music in this creative production class.


Math Blast Off
Solve riddles, escape room, games, and puzzles to blast off to another world!

Glow in the Dark Art
Make out of this world creations that glow in the dark!


Galaxy Galore
Learn about our galaxy while creating Milky Way slime, galaxy crystals, crazy constellations, moon rocks, and more!

Save our Solar System
Students will examine relatable environmental issues and explore unique solutions beyond reduce, reuse, recycle. They will create flyers, build contraptions, and talk with other community members about how they can do their part.


Aliens and Astronauts
Learn about incredible astronauts and aliens! Read, write, type, and illustrate short stories, letters and poems.

Solar System Sports
Play games that exist in our solar system—from catch and tag to soccer and jump rope—and invent new ones for a far-off galaxy.


July 1-5: Hidden Treasures

Put on a detective hat, go undercover, break codes in escape rooms, and explore! In Hidden Treasures, students will develop critical thinking and collaboration skills while completing scavenger hunts, conducting interviews, and learning to code. Additionally, creativity and movement-based classes will help students find their own hidden talents!

Track Option 1 Option 2


Ahoy, ye Matey
Read treasure maps and riddles while thinking creatively with pirate-inspired books. You’ll walk away speaking the pirate language!

Glee Club
Let your hidden talents shine!


Escape Room
Solve riddles, games, and puzzles to find hidden treasures!

Hook’d on Crafts
Create pirate-themed crafts from paper plate pirates to 3-D treasure chests, ships, and more!


Mad Science
From digital scavenger hunts to real-life explorations, students will observe, make predictions, perform experiments, and reflect on outcomes.

One Person’s Trash is Another One’s Treasure
Bring unwanted or un-working items for students to take apart and tinker. They will envision new uses, and bend, stitch, glue, and repurpose old clothes, toasters, or any other hidden treasure.


Unsolved Mysteries
Put on your detective hat as we investigate and create case files for real mysteries of our world from Sasquatches to Atlantis!

Golden Games
Soak up the sun and summer fun while playing sports and games with new friends.


July 8-12: Heroes, Myths, and Legends

From Greek mythology to today’s superheroes, Heroes, Myths, and Legends provides a framework for exploring stories, people, and ideas from imaginations to real life. Students learn about people who make a difference and are inspired to do so in their own lives. From building characters and creating their own stories to performing as actors, singers, and dancers that better the world, Heroes, Myths, and Legends provides a space for students to study and shine!

Track Option 1 Option 2


Rebel Girls
Inspired by the book of the same name, this class is guided by the 100 profiles of girls and women who “dream bigger, aim higher, fight harder” to make a lasting impact on their world.

Legends of Rock
Learn about rock legends, explore musical instruments and movements, and maybe even become a guitar hero!


The Math, the Myth, the Legend
Explore how mathematical reasoning—including scale, proportions, and geometry play a role in proving (or disproving!) the existence of some of Greek mythology’s greatest heroes.

Pocket Full of Colors
Learn about the life of famed Disney Artist, Mary Blair, then learn how to draw characters that capture imaginations and hearts!


Creature Creator
Study mythical and bizarre real-world animals to learn what physical traits help animals adapt to their environment.  Students will finish the week by “designing” their own animal that would thrive in Los Angeles.

Hero Hallway of Fame
Students will identify heroes, share heroes in their own lives, and create a “Walk of Fame” for those who lead the way in serving others.


Tall Tales, Folktales, and Your Tales
Guided through the writing process, students will hear and read legends that will help them write and illustrate their own legend.

Sports Legends
Learn about legends in the athletic world and train to become one yourself!


July 15-19: The Animal Kingdom

From domesticated pups that cuddle with humans to people-eating behemoths that walked the earth, The Animal Kingdom is full of unique creatures that interest, excite, and perplex humans (who are also animals!). This week, students read, make comparisons and calculations, and imitate and re-imagine animals in current and future habitats.

Track Option 1 Option 2


Reading is Wild!
From How do Dinosaurs… for 1st-2nd graders to There's No Place Like Home for 3rd-5th graders, this reading class (divided by grade level) will help students improve reading comprehension skills, as they engage with these silly and heartfelt stories.

Act like an Animal
Learn beginner acting and improvisation skills, and then perform live as unique animal characters.


Baby Animals Grow Up, Too!
Using estimation, creating similar figures, and interpreting data, students will predict and learn how baby animals—from puppies to ducklings—develop into mature adults.

Crafty Critters
From bunny rabbit bookmarks to 3-D giraffe rings, students will make and bring home animal-themed crafts every day.


Endangered Ecosystems
Studying different animals and real field observations, students will build food webs, make games, and create imaginative solutions to help animals survive.

Stuffed with Love
Designing and building stuffed animals, students will engage in make-believe play and make more toys to donate to those in need.


Seussical Stories
Using Dr. Seuss favorites, such as If I Ran the Zoo and What Pet Should I Get?  to study rhyme scheme, students will use their own imaginative spirit to create a picture book with clever rhymes, animal information, and their vision for the ideal zoo.

Animals in Action
Study the way different species move—from jumping and flying to slithering and crawling—and then get moving in this athletic skills class.


July 22-26: Practical Magic

Some of life’s most incredible mysteries are yet unsolved, while others require just a bit of science, imagination, or explanation. How does sword swallowing work? Why do cookies expand when baking? How do planes fly? Why does soda fizz? Is magic real? Practical Magic will pique students’ curiosity, encourage them to ask questions, and allow them to witness science and magic first hand.

Track Option 1 Option 2


The Magic School Bus Makes a Detour
After reading the many hilarious happenings of The Magic School Bus, students will engage in hands-on extension activities that are fun and delicious!

Mastering Magic!
Students will learn basic magic tricks, master the art of storytelling, and perform for an audience.


Math Magic!
Through a variety of magic and math games, students will have fun while improving reasoning and critical thinking skills.

Magically Made by Me
With wood-bending bracelets and wizardry wands, this DIY class will have students bringing their imaginative designs to life!


The Magic of Cooking
Watching chemical reactions and physical changes, students will enjoy the magic of cooking firsthand.

Giving from the Heart
Students will write poems, share the gift of time, and make magic stepping stones to inspire others!


The Magic Words
Mind your Ps and Qs! Students will write their own guidebooks to using the magic words and treating others with care and respect.

A Winner’s Secret? Practice!
In this sports-based class, students will learn that mastering a skill or technique isn’t magic. It takes practice!


July 29-August 2: Camp Invention

Teaming up with the National Inventors’ Hall of Fame, Belldegrun Center for Innovative Leadership brings back Camp Invention! From identifying needs and pitching ideas to building prototypes and developing marketing plans, students will engage in modules designed to create value and generate interest in finding solutions to real-world challenges.

Students rotate through all of the modules, so no course selection is needed.

Module Description
Innovation Force Children team up with the Innovation Force, a group of NIHF Inductees who have been transformed into superheroes, to battle the evil Plagiarizer, a supervillain who is out to steal the world’s ideas. As children create a device to retrieve the stolen ideas, they learn about the importance of collaboration and patents.
Deep Sea Mystery Children embark on a research adventure at sea, but soon find themselves stranded on an island. Using lessons and advice from NIHF Inductees, children work in teams to invent island-survival tools and underwater equipment and navigate their way back home.
Farm Tech

Children manage their own farm as they learn the basics of running a business. With the assistance of Bot-ANN-E, a programmable robot, campers learn fundamental coding techniques to maximize their time and profits and perform mock DNA experiments to check the health of their cattle.

DIY Orbot Children explore frequency, circuit boards, motors and gears as they use real tools to reverse engineer a remote-controlled DIY Orbot. Throughout the week, campers will adapt their DIY Orbot to perform increasingly challenging tasks from sports to art.