K Camp

Our thematic, weeklong Kindergarten Camps give young children a preview of a typical school day while offering day camp activities and outdoor fun.

Join us for Summer 2019 on our East Campus!

8:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m., Monday through Friday
Tuition: $550 each week, $440 for the week of July 1-5

Lunch is included.

The Kindergarten Camp classes are taught by Brentwood School teachers and assisted by a team of trained camp counselors. Students participate in learning centers and engage in activities including mathematics, reading, writing, science, dramatic play, visual arts, and outdoor education. This program runs alongside our Lower School Camp (Grades 1-5). Students start and end their day with the entire Lower School Camp, participating in counselor-led and group activities.

*Enrollment is limited to 24 students per week. When enrollment is full, a waitlist will be created.

Age requirement: 5 years old by September 1, 2019 - Documentation required.

2019 K Camp Themes

June 24-28: Out of This World

Out of This World takes a dive into space, sea, and everything in between! From astronomy and robotics to underwater creatures and modes of transportation, Out of This World will have students learning, creating, moving, and imagining in new and exciting ways.

July 1-5: Hidden Treasures

Put on a detective hat, go undercover, break codes in escape rooms, and explore! In Hidden Treasures, students will develop critical thinking and collaboration skills while completing scavenger hunts, conducting interviews, and learning to code. Additionally, creativity and movement-based classes will help students find their own hidden talents!

July 8-12: Heroes, Myths, and Legends

From Greek mythology to today’s superheroes, Heroes, Myths, and Legends provides a framework for exploring stories, people, and ideas from imaginations to real life. Students learn about people who make a difference and are inspired to do so in their own lives. From building characters and creating their own stories to performing as actors, singers, and dancers that better the world, Heroes, Myths, and Legends provides a space for students to study and shine!

July 15-19: The Animal Kingdom

From domesticated pups that cuddle with humans to people-eating behemoths that walked the earth, The Animal Kingdom is full of unique creatures that interest, excite, and perplex humans (who are also animals!). This week, students read, make comparisons and calculations, and imitate and re-imagine animals in current and future habitats.

July 22-26: Practical Magic

Some of life’s most incredible mysteries are yet unsolved, while others require just a bit of science, imagination, or explanation. How does sword swallowing work? Why do cookies expand when baking? How do planes fly? Why does soda fizz? Is magic real? Practical Magic will pique students’ curiosity, encourage them to ask questions, and allow them to witness science and magic first hand.