Invention Project

Invention Project is all about empowering the next generation of innovators. The program is designed to spark curiosity,encourage self-expression and foster teamwork and friendship, with challenges that set them all up for success, now and in the future.

July 11-15, 2016

Tuition: $500

The Invention Project program includes a series of 90-minute sessions that work together to create a learning environment with the perfect combination of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), design, and entrepreneurial activities. While the inventions, prototypes and business interactions are simulated, the knowledge and skills are real, and they last a lifetime.

Invention Project participants will be guided by teachers in at least 10 of the following modules:

In Transit — After receiving insights and tips from National Inventors Hall of Fame Inductees, our innovators design a prototype of their ultimate personal transportation device.

Extreme Shoe
— Teams explore Business 101 as they develop and market innovative shoes in a mock free-market economy.

Move It — Here, we see STEM come together with art to create STEAM. Inspired by the work of a real artist, participants create their own kinetic sculptures.

Mod My Sunglasses — Teams practice communication and leadership skills as they adapt pairs of sunglasses to create the world’s next best-selling accessory.

On the Circuit — We harness the power of circuits by designing wearable tech, lighting up their lockers or creating circuit designs on paper with limitless possibilities.

Tech Messaging — We explore the connection between communication and technology with a fun game that cultivates excellent business skills.

Video Game Design
— Our innovators are challenged to promote health and wellness in a unique video game, all while discovering that every business decision has a consequence.

Mini-Bot — Teams explore the basics of circuitry and counterbalance as they design and challenge their own motor-powered creatures.

Programmable Bot — This session merges robotics and business as participants work together to build and program robots, and then send them on an exciting adventure.

Innovate — Innovators design and invent from scratch. We empower them to apply their ingenuity, resourcefulness and prototyping abilities.

Next Media — Teams must push the limits of imagination and innovation to design and prototype tomorrow’s media experiences.

— Using customer feedback to redesign the earbud, teams put investigative skills and real-life market research to work in a fun challenge.

Gamify — In this session, teams receive game-making materials and are challenged to design their own high-strategy games.

Play It — Innovators are challenged to create new sporting equipment in a rapid prototyping session, and they must decide how to securely transport their new products from one side of the country to the other.

Life Hack — Teams build their design thinking skills while inventing life hacks that can transform their day-to-day lives.

Phone Case — Here, participants are challenged to create the ultimate phone case, applying the principles of design to their innovations.

Make Room — We explore the roles of designers, architects and engineers by building models of an ideal space, using tricks and tools of the trades.

Micro Lamps — Teams are challenged to develop innovative features for lamps while discovering the roles of grassroots marketing and social media in launching a new product.

Life Saver — In this session, Collegiate Inventors Competition winners describe what inventing means to them, inspiring our young innovators to design the next wave of life-saving and life-enhancing technologies.

Invent Your Way — Teams create the next best-selling prototype of their choice and pitch their designs to an “investor,” applying their branding, marketing and business knowledge to achieve success.

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