Elective Class Descriptions

A Twist on Soccer
Here’s a chance to improve your soccer skills and show your best tricks playing games with a twist such as Dribbler’s Alley, freeze tag, Red Light/Green Light, and many more exhilarating games!

Adventures in LA
Calling all Los Angelenos! Through a variety of games, stories, and craft activities, campers will explore the landmarks and hot spots of the amazing city we call home.

Amazing Artists
While exploring and learning about different artists, students will recreate a famous piece of art each day adding their own creative twist! From Van Gogh to Dali, from pointillism to still life, the students will have a taste of art like never before!

American Girls Club
Travel through time with the American Girls collection! Enjoy cooking, crafts, and other activities with your favorite American Girls.

Artful Architecture
Love to create, build, and design new structures with Legos, Magnatiles, or Kapla Blocks? Explore and create building structures with these foundations as well as with your own artistic creations. Each class will be a building exploration with architecture prompts and ideas for inspiration!

Awesome Authors
Do you know all about something neat? Whether its airplanes, flowers, space, or anything in between, this is the class for you! You'll brainstorm, develop, and write your own all-about book on your favorite topic. We'll bring the pencils, and you bring the facts!

Beads and Beats
Make fine jewelry and bead craft projects in this musical class! Explore the world of bead design to the sounds of the Top 40 from different decades.

Board Games Mechanics
Do you like playing Monopoly, Sorry, and Life? In this class, you will make your very own board game! Learn about what makes a board game work and create your own masterpiece!

Brazen Bracelets
Join us in creating unique bracelets that pop! We will work with a variety of beads, jewels, and threads to transform your creativity into bracelets. Bring a whole new spin to summer fashion!

Is that sweet tooth getting to you? Try this class to learn how to make and appreciate different kinds of chocolate! You will leave each class with a new twist to the chocolate world a la Willy Wonka.

Coding 4 Girls
Learn about "coding" and have fun creating your own programs. Make your own games, stories, adventures, and web pages and express your cyber-girl power! We guide you through the basics and work with you to create your own hands-on projects. Join us because technology is for girls!

Dance Til You Drop!
Ever wanted to create your own dance routines? We will be learning to plan and execute our own dances based on traditional and contemporary dance theory.

DIY Extravaganza
Grab your paintbrushes and other artistic media to create masterpiece “do-it-yourself” crafts! Through the use of various techniques, campers will make crafty treasures to last a lifetime!

Dr. Seussapalooza
Oh, the places you will go! Campers will march cheerfully along with the classic works of Dr. Seuss. This class will be an upbeat journey inspiring creativity and providing exposure to valuable life lessons.

Engineering 101
Who’s going to build the next roller coaster, high rise, or bridge? Come and explore the exciting world of engineering. Learn how engineers and scientists approach problems and discover new ways of doing things. In this lab class you’ll brainstorm ideas, build a prototype, and test your design as you work to solve a specific engineering challenge.

Field Games
Freeze tag, spud, moving rock-paper-scissors are games that will never get old! Let’s get a fun group together to play these games and learn new field games that usually require very little supplies. Ready, set, go!

Flashback Artists
Travel back in time to the work classical, neo-classical, modern and so many other artists. We will learn about different styles of the past and create our own masterpieces!

Discover how to intertwine geometric shapes with art! In this class, you will create paintings, three-dimensional sculptures, and a few surprises. Pythagoras and Picasso will be equally proud of you!

Glee Club
Sing, dance, and laugh to your favorite tunes with friends. We will choreograph moves, sing songs, and perform on our final day of camp!

Hands-On Math
Math class was never so real. Learn how we use numbers and calculations every day with real world situations and hands on materials.

Hip Hop Dance
Modern moves, upbeat music, and cultural creativity – individually and collectively -- all blend together in this introduction to hip hop dance.

Holiday Treats
Why wait an entire year for your favorite holiday treats? Let’s bring them all back to our favorite season of the year. Time to have one celebration after another in this class, and lots of treats to make and enjoy!

Jammin’ Out (4-6)
Some of us like to sing out loud, and some of us prefer to listen quietly. But we all love music! In this class we'll be dancing and singing the day away. Plus, learning a bit about the history of the songs we love, and writing our own original compositions.

Jewelry Math (3-6)
Take this class to turn math problems into original keepsakes! We will make all the things you love to make a fashion statement this summer while learning fun mathematical concepts.

Jewelry Workshop
Have fun making bracelets, necklaces, and other accessories! Create beautiful gifts and keepsakes for your friends and family. We will work with a variety of beads, jewels, and threads to design and create our own bracelets, anklets, and necklaces.

Lego Crazy!
If you can dream it, you can build it. Use Legos to make your designs come to life. No experience required.

Lego Creations
An introduction to architecture for kids! Using Legos as our building blocks, we will incorporate basic design principles to construct individual and group projects.

Let the Games Begin
We'll be covering a wide range of physical activities designed to keep you on the go. These include dance revolution, scavenger hunts, field games, obstacle courses, and teamwork exercises.

Lightning Math
Apply math to everyday activities with games, arts and crafts, and creative problem-solving opportunities. This class reinforces basic math facts in fun and interesting ways. Learn to calculate at lightning speed!

Lively Landscapes
Join us on an adventure, seeking the natural beauty of the Brentwood campus. Students will take their artistic skills on foot as we use pencils and oil pastels to capture landscape scenes around campus. Perfect for hanging on a wall!

Logic Games
Students will develop their problem solving skills through fun riddles, brain teasers, games, and creative activities that will enhance their skills as mathematicians. This class provides an opportunity for students to delve into exciting math activities that may not fit in a classroom, but make math come alive!

Campers will apply math to everyday activities through the use of games, arts and crafts, and creative problem-solving opportunities. Learn basic math facts while exploring and discovering the amazing wonder of numbers in our world.

Mad Science
Come young scientists—discover the fascinating world of physical science! In this hands-on and interactive class, students will investigate cool chemical reactions, explore the workings of static electricity, and build their own electric circuits. While engaging in a variety of fun experiments, students will hone their science process skills and leave with a yearning to know more!

Making Memes
Learn how to make an audience laugh with fun memes to make your fellow campers, counselors, friends, and family laugh until theirs stomachs hurt! This class incorporates photos, technology, and your sense of humor!

Enjoy the best of both worlds with activities that combine math and sports. Play some of your favorite PE games, analyze your favorite team’s statistics, and discover how closely math and sports are related. Calling all Mathletes!

Music Video Madness
The smart lyrics. The rockin' dance moves. The precise timing. The outtakes? All essential parts of a great music video. Make friends and make music history... with the greatest music video of all time.

Musical Games
Some of us like to sing out loud, and some of us prefer to listen quietly. But we all love music! In this class, we'll be dancing and singing the day away. We will also learn about some history and meaning of music with fun and games!

Through the art of folding paper, we will connect math and spatial reasoning to our fun, intricate designs. Come join us to create and decorate!

Paper Hangar Hypotheses
Will your plane soar through the skies? Will your helicopter turn heads? How exactly do things fly, anyway? At the Paper Hangar, you'll learn all of these and more! Learn ways to build flying objects that are new, daring, wacky... and sometimes all three! Come fly with us!

Parlez Vous Francais
Ever wanted to be bilingual? Trilingual? Take this introductory course to learn a new language. We will incorporate fun and games while we learn to speak French!

Prints & Patterns
In this class, you will be involved in several mini-projects for creating tchotchkes with different types of prints and patterns. We will even make our own original patterns and prints in this multidisciplinary class involving science, art, and math!

Project: Restaurant
Reinforce basic math and literacy skills by creating your own restaurant! Use your creativity to come up with an inviting menu and delicious dishes! We will use descriptive writing to design menus and make them enticing for your customers. We will practice counting and exchanging money, as well as determining the appropriate cost for your menu items. Bring your restaurant to life by putting your culinary skills to work; cook your favorite menu item, and invite your classmates to come try your restaurant!

In this class, you can design and build your own puppet! You'll learn how to make a voice that matches your puppet and participate in puppet show with your classmates.

Rock Band
Get into the groove in this fun music class. Students will be exposed to a variety of instruments as they build the beat for their songs. Listen and learn existing rock songs, and even write your own!

3-2-1, lift off! Students will have a blast with rockets as they experiment with Isaac Newton’s laws of motion to build and test a variety of rocket designs. They will also explore the history of NASA’s space program and construct and launch their own water-fuel rockets.

Science Inspector
Can you make a spray bottle with just two straws? Do only spies write in invisible ink, or can we give it a try? And most importantly... how does it all work? Make these discoveries and more as you explore exciting new areas of science!

Scientific Snacks
Who loves to eat yummy snacks? Who loves to learn? Well get ready and put on your goggles and apron on!! We are going to learn the science behind maple syrup crystals, glow in the dark jello, magical melting dough, and many more treats! Volcanic eruptions included!

Bring photos of your vacations or special events, and leave with a fantastic scrapbook to store your memories. You can keep these treasures for yourself or give them to your family and friends!

Why just watch a movie when you can learn how to write one? Learn from your favorite movies by analyzing their stories and discussing what makes them work so well. Brainstorm with your classmates and work together to invent a story idea for a movie with fascinating characters and exciting plots! And the Oscar goes to... you!

In this art class, we will create several representations of ourselves. Through the use of photos and other artistic media, we will make our best features shine by showing who we are and what we are most proud of!

Do you know every song on the radio? In this class, we'll brainstorm, develop, and write original songs together (and possibly perform!) with existing beats and by creating new ones. Come join this class if you are a fan of all the Top 40 songs from today and the recent past!

Sports Fanatics
Some of us are fans of the field, the court, and everything in between! In this class, we will build the skills for a perfect pass or a legendary catch! We will also learn about some history of sports, start up a game or two, and watch some highlights!

Stage Artistry
Learn about all the details and behind-the-scenes planning for a theatrical production! As a class, we will discuss how a play can become a true work of art.

Stage Play
In this class we'll play tons of fun theater games, act like your favorite animal, create ridiculous characters, and build confidence as performers!

Star Wars Academy
Calling all Jedi’s to this exciting course about everything Star Wars! In this class, students will get to explore the world of Star Wars through games and craft projects. We will explore the galaxy and all of its defenders. May the force be with you!

Superheroes Unite!
Calling all superheroes! Build your own cape, mask, and magic to complete your superhero costume. Play games to strengthen your superhuman powers. Are you ready to save the world?

Theater Masks
We will learn all about different theater masks used for the stage. Then we'll create our own masks based on a character we want to play. Whether funny or scary, silly or serious, big or little, your mask will show off your imagination. At the end of the week we'll perform in a show with our masks!

There’s No “I” in TEAM
Team-building activities are fun, constructive ways to help campers get to know each other, build trust, and learn to work together. Between the Human Knot, Pass the Hula-Hoop, Relay Races, and more, campers will have opportunities to serve as leaders, be role models, and demonstrate their incredible sportsmanship!

Toon Town
Students will learn simple tricks and techniques to learn the art of cartooning. Starting with basic shapes and exercises, students will practice drawing cartoon heads, beards, mustaches, expressions, and animals. Amaze your friends and have fun bringing to life zany characters only you can think up. Let your imagination run wild.

Wonderful Watercolors
Each class we will explore a different approach to watercolors. We will paint over crayons, mix with sharpies, and much more! Come relax and cool down with this beautiful art form!

Word Wars
If you like a challenge, then this class is for you! Join in on the fun with puns, word puzzles, tongue twisters, and many other games with words to enhance your vocabulary and teamwork. Go to war with yourself and your classmates!

Namaste, young yogis! Come learn the ancient art and healing powers of yoga in this energizing, enjoyable class. The yoga postures and flows in this class are designed specifically for kids—a complete Body-Mind-Spirit workout. Students will practice yoga and improve their strength, coordination, flexibility, and overall health.


FUN & FITNESS WEEK (July 5-8) Schedule

Coach’s Challenge
Every day you'll complete a new challenge! These could be physical activities, team strategy games, or problem solving tasks. Who knows...? All we want to know is... are you ready for Coach's Challenge?

Memory Book
So many memories can get lost, but this class offers the chance to reconnect to your past. We will put together different types of books to help us, our friends, and our families relive all the good times!

Problem Solvers
Students will develop their problem solving skills through fun riddles, brain teasers, games, and creative activities that will enhance their skills as mathematicians. This class provides an opportunity for students to delve into exciting math activities that may not fit in a classroom, but make math come alive!

Sous Chefs
Do you think you know your way around the kitchen? Want to learn some new recipes? Take this class to get a “taste” of a different cuisine each day. With a dash of fun and a pinch of math, we will have the recipe for an awesome class!

Team-building activities are fun, constructive ways to help campers get to know each other, build trust, and learn to work together. Between the Human Knot, Pass the Hula-Hoop, Relay Races, and more, campers will have opportunities to serve as leaders, be role models, and demonstrate their incredible sportsmanship!

Up, Up, and Away
Come explore the world of flight! This hands-on class will assemble and design paper airplanes, bottle rockets, kites, and other flying objects. Join us to learn about science and art involved in create projects that will take flight right before us!

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