Class Descriptions

Artist Party
Create your own works of art filled with cool art techniques, learn new art designs, and explore using different mediums. Learn about different artistic styles and discover your favorite! Let’s play with color and create something fun!

Artsy Craftsy
Grab your paintbrushes and other artistic mediums to create masterpiece crafts! Through the use of various techniques, campers will make crafty treasures to last a lifetime!

Awesome Authors
Do you know all about something neat? Whether its airplanes, flowers, space, or anything in between, this is the class for you! You'll brainstorm, develop, and write your own all-about book on your favorite topic. We'll bring the pencils, and you bring the facts!

Beads and Beats
Make fine jewelry and bead craft projects in this musical class! Explore the world of bead design to the sounds of the Top 40 from different decades.

Board Games Mechanics
Do you like playing Monopoly, Sorry, and Life? In this class, you will make your very own board game! Learn about what makes a board game work and create your own masterpiece!

Book Club
Book clubs are a way for students and readers to discuss books in an informal setting. Students will enjoy a community-building experience with friends to choose, read, and discuss books together. Meetings will come to life with discussions, arts & crafts, and activities.

Buddy Bracelets
Join us in learning new and challenging friendship bracelet stitches that will impress your friends! We will use colorful string and beads to make detailed friendship bracelets that pop. We will follow step by step instructions and practice patience to see our creations unfold.

Card Making
Do you want to brighten up someone's day? Do you like to design, write and decorate cards? In this class, we will be making cards for people who help us in our community and for other special occasions!

Is that sweet tooth getting to you? Try this class to learn how to make and appreciate different kinds of chocolate! You will leave each class with a new twist to the chocolate world a la Willy Wonka.

Court Games
Basketball, dodgeball, hockey -- get loose on the court with some friendly competition! There will be a focus on teamwork, skills, and creative approaches to several court games and sports.

Dance 'til You Drop!
Ever wanted to create your own dance routines? We will be learning to plan and execute our own dances based on traditional and contemporary dance theory.

DIY Extravaganza
Grab your paintbrushes and other artistic media to create masterpiece “do-it-yourself” crafts! Through the use of various techniques, campers will make crafty treasures to last a lifetime!

Field Games
Freeze tag, spud, moving rock-paper-scissors are games that will never get old! Let’s get a fun group together to play these games and learn new field games that usually require very little supplies. Ready, set, go!

Frozen Treats
Hot summer days, cool refreshing treats. How much better can it get than to make something refreshingly cool when it's hot outside. Make and consume something cool.

Glee Club
Sing, dance, and laugh to your favorite tunes with friends. We will choreograph moves, sing songs, and perform on our final day of camp!

Globe Trotters
We will be going on an exciting journey around the globe, learning all about different cultures, foods, places of interest, and more. Through games, stories, and craft activities, we will be able to explore it all!

Innovative Instruments
Make instruments and music while learning about instruments from around the world. Creatively build your own musical instruments out of all kinds of materials. Learn to listen to sounds in unconventional places and things.

Lego Creations
An introduction to architecture for kids! Using Legos as our building blocks, we will incorporate basic design principles to construct individual and group projects.

Let’s Play Soccer
Here’s a chance to improve your soccer skills and show your best tricks playing soccer games with a twist. Together, we will be great team players and have an awesome time!

Living Puppets
There are infinite ways to create movable puppets. Inspired by animated short films and illustrated story books, build movable characters and environments out of a variety of materials. Create imaginative stories and bring your very own puppets to life!

Campers will apply math to everyday activities through the use of games, arts and crafts, and creative problem-solving opportunities. Learn basic math facts while exploring and discovering the amazing wonder of numbers in our world.

Math Explorations
This fun-filled explorations class will make learning math fun! Students will learn math strategies through games, partner work, and exploring interactive apps on the iPad.

Mini-House Architecture
Do you want to make your very own mini-house? Get ready to make your own miniature world! Use clay, wood, art supplies, and more to create your very own mini-house!

Nighty Night Snacks
Ever get hungry at night and want a quick summertime munchie. Satisfy those cravings with some quick and easy edible creations fun for a movie in your PJs or outside by the pool. Yummy!

Origami: 2D to 3D
Origami means "paper folding" in Japanese. Learn the art of folding paper to change 2D to 3D! Make frogs that leap and life-size hats you can wear. The possibilities with origami to make 2D into 3D are endless!

Photo Art
What do you do with a picture? Put it in an album? Frame it? In this class, we will take your developed photography and make it into a work of art! We will learn how to show our pictures in fun and different ways! We will use pictures taken at camp and will also use pictures brought from home. Get ready, get set, get creative!

Playful Poetry
Do you like to write? Are you interested in poetry? In this class, we will explore different types of poems and make our very own poetry book. Come write, decorate and sketch with us!

Printmaking: Shapes, Patterns, & Design
Find out the many ways to print without a printer! Draw and print images and letters to create scenes, posters, and abstract art. Learn about shapes, patterns, & design while exploring the relationship between color and mood.

Puzzle Confuzzled
Students will develop their problem solving skills through fun riddles, brain teasers, games, and creative activities that will enhance their skills as mathematicians. This class provides an opportunity for students to delve into exciting math activities that may not fit in a classroom, but make math come alive!

Running & Fitness
Through fun team and individual games, learn the correct (and important!) ways to warm up, cool down, and stretch. And running, of course!

Bring photos of your vacations or special events, and leave with a fantastic scrapbook to store your memories. You can keep these treasures for yourself or give them to your family and friends!

Scientific Snacks
Who loves to eat yummy snacks? Who loves to learn? Well get ready and put on your goggles and apron on!! We are going to learn the science behind maple syrup crystals, glow in the dark jello, magical melting dough, and many more treats! Volcanic eruptions included!

Secrets & Mysteries
Ever want to leave someone that is top-secret? Unlock the ins and outs with hidden messages, illustrations, and puzzle for fun with friends and family!

Shadow World
Make shadows come to life in an alternate universe where characters, monsters, buildings, and plants are in surprising shapes and sizes. Trace shadows and the body, experiment under lights, paint, cut, and build life-size artwork. Inspired by both historical and contemporary artists, learn about surrealism through mixed media exploration.

Singing Signs
Learn a few basic signs and the alphabet in ASL and leave knowing how to sing a few phrases from a song or two in sign language and how to say or spell your name.

Slimy Science
It’s no secret that slime has certainly made a reappearance in 2017. Join us in learning the science and art behind goo, slime, gak, flubber, silly putty!

Take It To The Hoop
Join us on the basketball court with games and different twists to the traditional sport! We will focus on learning skills, being a team player, and having a ton of fun!

There’s No “I” in TEAM
Team-building activities are fun, constructive ways to help campers get to know each other, build trust, and learn to work together. Between the Human Knot, Pass the Hula-Hoop, Relay Races, and more, campers will have opportunities to serve as leaders, be role models, and demonstrate their incredible sportsmanship!

Wonderful Watercolors
Each class we will explore a different approach to watercolors. We will paint over crayons, mix with sharpies, and much more! Come relax and cool down with this beautiful art form!

Taekwondo (with Master Glenn)
Come learn with a champion. Kids have fun kicking and punching while while we get to reinforce valuable life skills of focus, discipline, respect and confidence through our taekwondo classes and team building games and activities.

Namaste, young yogis! Come learn the ancient art and healing powers of yoga in this energizing, enjoyable class. The yoga postures and flows in this class are designed specifically for kids—a complete Body-Mind-Spirit workout. Students will practice yoga and improve their strength, coordination, flexibility, and overall health.

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